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Work experience is important, but it is not the only option to boost your employability. Employers will notice you if you participate in a variety of activities that show initiative. There’s no better way to boost your employability as an individual than to engage in a skills and trainings. Some of our master classes include:

Microsoft Office Master Class

Learning more about Microsoft Office will lead you to new discoveries. Explore Excel formulae and macros, PowerPoint animations, Microsoft Word shortcuts, and other tools, techniques, and topics in our classes. Our training and tutorials, taught by experts and seasoned professionals, can help you enhance your talents, whether you’re just getting started as a beginner or just looking to take your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint skills to the next level.

Microsoft Office Master Class
4 Weeks4 Weeks6 Weeks
4 Weeks4 Weeks4 Weeks
4 Weeks4 Weeks6 Weeks

Report Writing 

A technical report is more than just a summary of information. A well-written report can persuade individuals to take a specific action. Furthermore, how a report’s subject matter is perceived by the reader is influenced by its quality. We’ll go over the many types of reports in this training. From start to finish, we’ll know how to structure and scope reports. We’ll also learn how to write with a clear sense of purpose for our target audience. Finally, we’ll figure out how to construct visual aids that will help us represent the report’s facts, conclusions, and recommendations.

Service Charge: N40,000 ($100)

Duration: 3 Weeks

Presentation Skills

Confidence and competence aren’t exactly synonymous with presentation skills. Think back to your last presentation. How did it play out? Remember the butterflies in your stomach, shaky voice, and sweaty palms?

Our presentation coaching helps you to be more impressive at work. Get your audience to believe in your message fast, and talk more persuasively and efficiently. Learn to stand out in a crowd and keep your audience from shifting in their seats. Put an end to the self-doubt that so many speakers experience before a presentation.

Service Charge: N40,000 ($100)

Duration: 3 Weeks

Email Writing and Etiquette 

This training focuses on assisting participants in understanding the best global standards for composing e-mails while avoiding errors that could leave a negative impression on the reader.

Our experts will teach the established principles for efficient business writing and business email etiquette throughout the Email Etiquette training and communication skills classes.

Service Charge: N20,000 ($50)

Duration: 2 Weeks

Other Trainings 

Available on request